Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Skin Whitening Au Naturel

The magical step is to just attach yourself to a pc indoors for a minimum of 16 hours or more a day (6 days a week for better results) till you achieve the pale skin tone of your desire! Or you could try living under a huge rock, in a cave, never see the light of day or something along those lines :D Results may vary according to the individual, living environment or treatment period.

Disclaimer: Lynn does not endorse the 'treatment' above! Although she may have reached a delicate shade of pale due to the first method listed, it is important to note that it may also induce other ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome, very dry eyes, eye bags, pimples, back ache & the list goes on.

:P Not too long ago, I was watching a little bit of the telly, not really paying much attention to anything else than my soup when Ivan made a random comment-comparison between the increase of skin whitening product advertisements on the air & my increasingly pale complexion. Then it dawned on me! (Note: Even though most of Asian descent already have a fairly fair complexion, there are some who do not mind paying to have their skin,
whiter still!)

My en-LIGHTEN-ment (pun intended) : ZOMG! I have never thought I'd be this pasty! Reflecting back, I've been getting quite a number of "You look rather pale today"-s but have been too busy to piece it all together, thinking that I was either looking real tired from stress and/or late nights or blaming it on the the harsh lighting environment.

I guess when it's come to this, I better start getting a little more sunshine in my life or be prepared to blend in with the walls around me :D

- Lynn

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