Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jinjerup is featured on Tigerprint!

Whilst I was away for the past few days for some work related business,
I fell ill. (Horrible sore throat & a stuffed nose.......grrr)
I was feeling so very tired & drowsy.
Then I sifted through my emails.

My heart leaped & cartwheeled!
Jinjerup & The Veggie Patch got featured
in Tigerprint's blog! grin*
Am extremely ecstatic!!
I would cartwheel myself around the room
I wasnt so achy! This is fantastic news!!
Tis lovely to read their feedback!

"Jinjerup has some great illustrations on her sites and here at the studio we adore the vegepatch blogspot for the quirky and innovative illustrations. Be sure to check out Jinjerup's website,
brikbrac & thevegepatch."

For the curious, Tigerprint UK is the sole supplier to the Marks & Spencer Card Shop. They've been supplying exclusive cards & wrappings to Marks & Spencer since 1996 & most recently, they've taken on the full responsibility from design through to allocation & displays in store.

Thank you so very much Tigerprint & Victoria!

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