Sunday, March 16, 2008

OH HAI flickr!

flickr got pwned! LOL cats style :D Cute! ROFL

Status update: Am currently rushing to meet Jinjerup's new range deadline, veggie patch + catch up on my little mountain of reading material due at work tomorrow! arhhhhh!! Longer posts when I'm a little free-er! hugs* Meanwhile, here's a look at the places I wish I could zip on over to right now.

1. Lake Chuzenji in Nikko, Japan.
Its cool mountain wind from the lake was wonderfully soothing. It almost felt as if all thoughts & worries could've been swept away. The waters, due to the strength of the wind, glint every once in awhile from being touched by the sun. I could've sat on that pier for the whole day.

2. Temple area in Nikko, Japan.
Luscious mountain greens towering above you whilst you stroll, whispers of the wind rustling amongst their leaves. Most of the temples are placed near enough for you to walk but yet far enough for you to contemplate whilst doing so. Just picturing it again calms me down. I have made a promise to try to visit this very spot again in my lifetime. (It's personal)

3. A cliff overlooking a valley in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia during sunrise.
(Note: would only like to be here during the break of dawn, other times of day would be either too hot or too cumbersome with the amount of commercialism it now has to offer) Standing there for over an hour just to catch a brief glimpse this was one of the most breathtaking moments of last year. Looking back, I am glad I got a chance to watch the valley sleepily shrugging off its misty coat to reveal the wakening of life beneath.

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