Tuesday, April 21, 2009

These made my morning! :)

If I ever have kids & if they ever do ask how they came to be,
then this would be my answer!

Brilliantly done by Cassidy Curtis and Raquel Coelho

Pretty new teaser to Neil Gaiman's Blueberry girl, the illos are so beautiful, done by Charles Vess! Love*

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I so love COMA! COMA!! COMA!! I so wish I could keep a Scottish Fold too.
Too bad my family are more of the dog-loving people kind :(

Oh well, here's this week's Jinjerup Freebie!

Much love & Stay green!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jinjerup on Folding Trees & Craft!

Its been an absolutely fab week!
A trillion, billion, million thank you's to everyone who has downloaded, featured, blogged about and commented on Jinjerup! I feel extremely honored and ecstatic! Thank you very much for your fantastic support! I shall definitely keep the good stuff coming!

Thank you June of Folding Trees for giving Jinjerup's Chick Chic Bookmarks
such a big boost!

Thank you ever so much Natalie of Craft: for helping
spread the word on Jinjerup!

I'm going to bed tonight on cloud nine! Thank you again ladies! :D

plus: Jinjerup's Freebie of the Week: New Easter Wallpapers,
Designed so they look good on your screens all year round,
so fret not about using them only once (a year) :)

clickity here to download!!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Oh me, oh my!
I've just discovered something a little interesting today by doing this little test called the Munsell Hue test! Its a color proficiency test which is pretty darn accurate!

The first things you'll see are these 4 strips of colorful boxes. All you'll have to do is arrange the boxes horizontally according to the gradients of the colors at both ends of the strip. Arrange all boxes of all 4 strips and you're good to go! Then you'll learn how well you determine colors! The lower the score, the better you are. wink*

The four strips of colored gradient boxes.

grin* now i fully understand why there were times when I got (imho, the odd) querying feedback stating "Why do you so use so many shades of red or why do you use that many tones of blue?"

After getting those comments, I would reduce much of the color gradations in my work to simplify matters but I still never fully got it. Till now. I couldn't help that these varying shades of sky blue or hibiscus red looked vastly different to me!! lols* Will keep the test results firmly in mind from now on. :P (Note: I took the test 3 times with intervals of an hour in between. 1st result: 7, 2nd: 4 & 3rd: 0)

What's your score?
Take the Munsell test today to find out!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jinjerup New Freebie: Chick Chic Bookmark

I'm an avid reader of books & I don't usually stick to reading just one at a time.
I am guilty of dog ear-ing all my paperbacks :p as I am either constantly losing my bookmarks or am just too plain lazy to stick one in between the pages before I fall asleep. (for all who've loaned me your books> no, I don't [or try extremely hard]
not to do so wink*)

To avoid anymore unnecessary e(a)rring on my part, I was just thinking of how I should come up with a cute little bookmark which does not just lie in between pages but gently grips itself to pages for a better hold.

& what better design to use than my latest Easter
pattern called
Chick Chic. Thus, I present to you,
the freebie of the week:
Chick Chic Bookmark

I designed them in many different colors to suit your moods or your book covers!
Great as mini gifts for family and friends! (fellow dog ear markers too!)^- ^;;

Hop on over to Jinjerup for templates & an easy to follow pictorial tutorial now!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jinjerup has moved!!

Hi again folks!
If you've just wandered over to Jinjerup.com and found that you're getting 404 errors, howdy!

I'm currently facing a ton of probs with blogger, major major issues arising from a conflict between their blogspot domain and my custom one. Not only are quite a majority of my new Jinjerup pictures on blogger not displaying, my old domain has linkage errors too.

So whilst I'm resolving these annoying problems, please head on over to jinjerup.blogspot.com instead for access to Jinjerup!

Thank you for your kind patience everyone.

:) Lynn