Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jinjerup is featured on NiceToMeetYou™ !! :D

My second post of the day! Surprise! Surprise!
The period of now to these past few weeks have been a really trying time for me.
Not only am I overloaded with work-work, I also have my hands full with
my personal projects & blogs, Bric.A.Brac, Jinjerup & The Veggie Patch.
So it was an utter delight to discover that Jinjerup was featured on NiceToMeetYou™'s homepage on 29.01.08!
(Magnificent styles for shapeless perfectionists.)

A 'big hello & thank you for dropping by here & Jinjerup'
to all the new visitors from NiceToMeetYou!

Thank you fourillusion & NiceToMeetYou.
You've made my week!! HUGS!! (I can't seem to stop grinning)
Things like these make me strive harder, better, faster, stronger!
(familiar? daftpunk wink*)
(I guess my increasingly darkening eye-circles are kind of worth it?
LOL..not! Shall have to find a good eyebag remover soon!) :P


p/s- Jinjerup is just about to release its new range pretty soon!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


To make up for the lag of posts these past few days,
am resuming my brief photo-mentary of Tokyo with this place called Shimokitazawa. Having read heaps about it before I visited Japan,
I thought I was well prepared to face the maze of little streets its so famous for. Haha, so much for that!

Shimokitazawa is more like a very elaborate labyrinth of lane-roads which criss cross all over the place. Its quite an overwhelming sight once you step out of the train station. Quirky little shops line every bit of available space on both sides of the street. Its a place where locals chill, shop & strut. (Young ones that is! Mostly everyone looks like they're below mid 20's.)

Jewellery, music, clothing, bags, hair dressers, bars, cafes, live music, food, people, people, people, toys, anime, manga, houseware, handmade work, second hand items, bicycles, art... ZOMG.... (it seems like everything imaginable in the world can be found :P ok,ok, I am exaggerating) is crammed into that little hotbed of activity! I love it ever so much! Heaps! So many, many things to gawk at, to touch, to feel, to hear, to consume!

Weird kitschy display of bike, stunned mannequin beside a poster of a kimono-clad lady grasping her big man-gun.
All this to decorate the front of a hair salon!

Orange, lemon, lime bikes.

Cute rice cracker store!
Everytime I look at these in their neat piles, I feel like running my hands through them :P

Perty rice cracker store display.

Seeing red in the dark (alley).

I love how their logos are so graphical.

Rice slips, noodles slosh!
Funniest gyodan display.
(gyodan= japanese food replicas)

Salt licked yakitori &
ice cold Sapporos
, we had, in this cozy little nook. Its always crowded with patrons so we waited quite a bit to get seated.

They have an extensive display of local wines.

Japanese storytelling, near the Shimokitazawa station. He's a real charmer, very good at what he does.
Not being able to understand Japanese, just listening to his intonations & watching his varied crazy gestures was great fun!

I am pretty sure most everyone would know what this is. (PM me if you don't) I had no idea they were still readily available or still in use! :P

Street shot of the endless, seamless shops.

Waiting to cross to the other side of the track.

Comings & goings.

Of trains, pictured through a tunnel.

:) Chinese New Year (CNY)'s next week!!
Posts shall be a little sporadic till after the busy period of pre-CNY has phased past.
Till then, take care everyone!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wearing your heart on your dress

Bubelle Emotion Sensing Dress

If you're tired of coordinating the colors for your weekly wardrobe ,
how about wearing a dress which changes its colours according
to how you feel?

Stumbled upon this beautiful gem from The Design group at Royal Philips Netherlands. The Bubelle dress prototype introduced in September 2006 is part of (direct quote) "SKIN project, an exploration research into the area known as ‘emotional sensing’."

It has 2 layers, the inner one contains "biometric sensors which capture a person's emotions & projects them as colors onto the outer layer."
This might very well be the future of fashion. No one dress would ever look the same again, individuality & personalities would literally shine through!

Lovely pictures & a video of the Bubelle in action!

Links: Design Probe-Philips, Crunchwear

Saturday, January 19, 2008

MOS, Utterubbish & Ueno!

My heart gets all fluttery,
my knees go weak,
I go all happy-crazy inside, whenever...

I see a MOS burger!

For those unfamiliar with MOS burger, its a Japanese fastfood brand. (MOS stands for Mountain, Sun, Ocean .... =-------=""" very weird name but oh well....)
I salivate @ the mere thought of its unagi (eel) rice burgers, prawn burgers, or even their basic beef ones... It's not as icky as it sounds, not at all! If you're a fan of Japanese fast food, you probably want to give this a shot! I reckon you'd be able to find MOS burgers outlets peppering most of Singapore city.

Thinking it'd be the same in Tokyo, we hunted for one high & low, only to be told by a local that they're mostly situated in either the outskirts of the city area or in its quieter areas! How very odd! & there we were thinking, it was a major Japanese fastfood outlet. We only found 3 MOS's, 1 in Shibuya, 1 in Shimokitazawa &
1 more in Asakusa!

(Gah! Its horrible that we can 't find any back home,
how I pine & wish they'd reopen here....)

Here's the one in Asakusa!
Another odd thing is that
they don't serve the unagi
rice burgers in Japan!
(Only in Singapore)

Colorful rolls of MOS tape!

For their christmas promo,
MOS teamed up with
Devilrobots (the guys who
did Tofu Oyako).
grin* my 2 faves rolled in1
(Pic from MOS S'pore site)

The MOStraps
are handphone straps
featuring 5 different
MOS inspired

I managed to catch
a design exhibition
in Singapore too,
<---- titled "Utterubbish"
Its a collection of
useless ideas

Drew a kitty cat
on their wall.

Can you spot kitty?
(tip: she's more to the right)

The perty work of
Heath Nash who makes lamps out of plastic waste, ie: unwanted plastic bottles, etc..

The following are
random pix of
the exhibits there!

My last pic of
this mish-mashed post.
lol...this is a cute looking ??...
I frankly don't know what on
earth it is? Maybe the Japanese
characters can help? :P
Shot it because I like the contrast-y colors
& composition.
Taken in Ueno Market, Japan.

Have a great week ahead everyone! Till the next post!


Links to MOS Singapore, Utterubbish for the curious.
Check out MOS's interesting menu!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Zoo !

Hmm...have been meaning to clear this backlog of photos of a zoo trip last year.
The zoo in mention is of course Zoo Negara, (for those who havn't a clue of what I m referring to, Zoo Negara is Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur's National Zoo. Zoo is of course zoo whilst 'Negara' means country in Bahasa Malaysia/Malay language.) Here they are for your viewing pleasure! (Heaps & heaps of animal pictures ahead!)

The first animals you see depend on which route you choose from the entrance. We were treated to giraffes feasting for our first shot.

Solo tiger on the prowl.
Restlessly pacing her whole den & swimming non stop.

More giraffes munching,
these are female ones. Identifiable by their ossicones, or rather horns. Female giraffes have tufts of hair on theirs whilst males don't.

Elephants are next, seen back to back here :)

It wanted to come as close
as possible to inspect
whoever was pssing by.

One & a half eared kanga

Brown bears are ginormous!
Huge pectoral muscles!

One of my fave photos of this lot,
silhouetted storks make a
lovely pattern for the eyes!

Swimming now.

He's just really uninspired.
There were about 6-7 of
these raccoons just slumped
all over the pen's floor.
Wasn't able to shoot pix of
the others as lighting was bad and
the plastic cage barrier
was really cloudy.

Another fave!
literally hogging the whole
food bucket.

Mousedeer playing peekaboo
amongst the shrubbery.

Tortoise pair

Tortoise Pair again :P

I am not sure which are these>
alligator? cayman?

One of them giving the 'eye'.

I find these tree frogs
really cute.

No explanation whatsoever,
just so adorable.

I love this elephant pair,
if you'd notice, they keep cropping
up during this post!

guess they were bored too.

This is what I vaguely remember about this creatured from the buffalo family. It starts with an 'a' & it leads a solitary lifestyle. It can't stand living together. They are very fierce, they'd gore one another if given a chance.

Baby civet cat

Otter playing with
a piece of rock.

We stood there for about 10 over
minutes watching it go.


Malayan Sun bear,
not as big as their
brown bear cousins
but still sizeable.
These poor things
are kept in cages not much
bigger than themselves
and are despicably milked
for their bile for
use in certain
"medicinal" practices.

:P Bumpy yellow toad?
Anyone know what this is?

Bristly, busy hog.
She had her snout,
snuffling through every
centimetre of her muddy pen.

The same sun bear
playing with a brick.

My last pic of z elephant

& we've come to the end of the post! I hope you've enjoyed the photos.
Zoo Negara doesn't seem to have changed much imho but I guess the facilities have been upgraded a little whilst the animal selection has been increased to include more imports. An interesting place to bring family or loved ones to educate them on the wilds. I'll only be back for another decade or so just to see how much has evolved again! ;)