Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Goodbye & Hello!

Heya everyone! grin*

It was finally time I gave Jinjerup a facelift and a new home.
I really loved my old layout (pictured below) but as time wore on,
I realized I had spent a bit too much time on the website & not as much
on my designs. Thus, I packed up & mosey-ed on down to blogger.
Am going to be able to work and post up more stuff :D 3 cheers to that!


About page

Work page

Contact page

Wallpapers Freebies page

Wallpaper Giftbox

Don't worry, none of the older works or freebies have been put to rest,
whaddya' think I was doing these past months? grin* backing up of course!

So join me, if you will as we bid adieu to the old Jinjerup
& yippie yay to the new!

Much love,

Oh & yes, please do tune in for more!

Friday, March 20, 2009

her morning elegance (oren lavie)

another wonderful one! tis inspiring :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I rather like this!

A tad bit predictable at the end but still what the hey!
Its worth the watch :p

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Easter eggain!

I've been really a good girl this year! Its an early Easter Surprise! :P
I know, i know, its 1 month and 4 days early! chuckle* early for once!
(it is hard juggling a few projects at once on top of a full time job but I will speed things up pretty soon!) wink*

Pastels are big on Jinjerup's Easter palette this year! Soft pinks, easy blues and pretty orange hues accompany petite bunnies & their delicate gifts of eggs.

To the Jinjerup collection, we are adding 4 new lovely patterns with 2 new wallpapers and a special Easter giftbox just for you!

Much Love,

p/s: i'm trying my bestest best to hurry! I've been working on a launch of something new! & I am waiting to eagerly share it with you guys! Please do stay tuned!