Friday, March 21, 2008


It's been awhile since my last picture feature, so the theme of the moment is fruits. Fruits we do not normally see found or growing around us in the city area or any other part of Malaysia.
These were shot on a trip to Cameron Highlands a couple of months back. Wasn't a fantastic trip, weather up in the Highlands is now mainly hot as the lowlands....
.........oh well, on to the fruits!

I had no idea what on earth I was staring at. Its insides were so fascinating, I just stopped and gawked. Actually, this was my first time seeing a real passionfruit upfront. The only illustrations I've seen of it, are always portraying them as being purple on the outside with yellowy seeds inside. You're looking at the unripe versions!

Fruits in the back row are huge-a55 limes & unripe oranges which look oh so sour, my stomach's churning. Fruits in the middle row are called Cameron Apples. I am not very very adventurous when it comes to fruits. Did not try them. :P Next, I'm sure you don't need me to tell you what's in the front row.

Such a perty colour!I wonder if we could still grow them here with the temperature on the rise in our highlands. (Or any other cold weather-ed fruits for that matter) These oranges with the navels (little holes) on their rear ends are better off eaten, sliced, instead of juiced.

Strawberries. Great for sleeping on or with.
Try rolling them around like the fuzzy dice they are.

Not great for sleeping on. Best for consuming within the same day they are purchased! Buying many, many small boxes of them for gifts is not such a smart move. They seem to turn mushy real fast, be it in the Highlands or down in KL. They should rephrase the one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel to one rotting strawberry screws up all the others it touches.

Another first for me, seeing of all things, blackberries! So many of the plants, sprouting up along a walkway. Pictured above in their various stages of ripening, from green to red to black. Watch out for their sharp thorns. I did not enjoy watching curious others get pricked.

More Cameron Apples here, growing wild along another walkway. Oddly enough I am unable to dig up any info on this weird looking fruit. I do not know what its real name is, the only info the local fruit sellers provided was its name, they too do not seem to know much of its origin either. If I ever come across it again, I might just be curious enough to give it a go!

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