Monday, May 26, 2008

Illustration Friday: Worry

My first submission to Illustration Friday! Their topic of the week is Worry.
After many, many, many months of admiring everyone's amazing illos, I have decided to wing it & submit one of my own :D I had a swell time illustrating it!

Poor Mr. Olly! Ringmaster has promised Olly his weight in peanuts if he is careful enough not to squish the mice during the show!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I can't understand my fixation with this song.
Its the song I can't get out of my head.
It's been stuck ever since I heard it..............4 days ago.

Cherry Ghost's 4am

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Jinjerup Update: Our Animal Friends

Jinjerup's back with Our Animal Friends,
a tribute to 4 of my favourite animal species!
Nuzzling giraffes, elephants on parade, grinning frogs & sweet seahorses,
all part of Jinjerup's new animal themed prints range.
New wallpapers & giftbox to match!

much love, Lynn

p/s- Can you spot th3 visitors to the elephants' parade? :D

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hurrah!! Hurrah!!

rrrrrrrr..... it feels lovely to be home :D
As the 'living-in-a-suitcase' feelings drift away,
life settles back into its normal pace.

Coming from a family who adores anything (& everything) sweet,
I am a natural sweet tooth! :P
Trips home from overseas are hardly ever without chocs!
Chocolates are a vice! nom, nom, nom! :P

As usual, the latest trip of mine yielded another batch.
Before we had the chance of enjoying them, the smart refined palate ants in my house got to them first! =---=" I should've taken shots before we threw out the ant-covered packaging!! The chocs looked tres normal. Uninteresting miniature chocolate logs, complete with scurrying ants Not wanting to waste such costly sweets, we dusted them ants away & apprehensively bit into the chocs. :D mmmmmmmmmm.... such an absolutely yummy haul of Swiss orange tinged chocolate hazelnut thin biscuity filled chocs coated with another layer of chocolate. (that certainly was a mouthful!! :]
The ants were spot-on! & this wasn't the first time!

They had marched past the sugar, ignored the huge variety of chocolate bars, the double chocolate chipped cookies, the sugar glazed biscuits & the chocolate drops (all bought locally) to get to the NEW Swiss chocs!
They wound their way through the folds of its cardboard box & bit a hole in the plastic packaging & made it big enough for all of them to sneak in! Gah!!!

They did the same to my hato (means dove in English) Sable cookies from Japan!! (I had carried them so lovingly all the way from Kamakura) The poor bird cookies were so riddled with holes after the ants were through with them... =------= grrr... They didn't spare the m&m's my mum got from Dubai either... :D it seems like the ants share a holistic passion for international sweets!
They have such expensive tastes!!

As silly as this sounds, I am waiting to see what else they'll bore their way into! So far they've ignored the Sakura drop candies & authentic Turkish delights.. tsk tsk... so picky :D I might even post piccies of their next attack!! lols

On to more> Its about time to roll up my sleeves & get busy with Jinjerup again! I havn't been able to update since Easter but that's about to change, so get ready for more prints & patterns coming your way!

:D Lynn