Sunday, April 27, 2008

Work work work work work

Come Monday, I shall be off on another working trip.
I absolutely cannot wait for my life to settle back into its normal routine once I get back from this one. I'm not saying travelling or travelling for work isn't fun.

It is or it can be.
Once in awhile.
Imagine having to do so, every few weeks.

I'm sure there are people who enjoy this pace of work-life,
however IMHO, it can be quite unsettling.
I shall leave it at that before I become too ranty.

I've recently decided to add Twitter to my list of apps, have placed it on the right column of me blog. Am not sure if its a keeper,
so I'm giving it a go ^- ^;

Oh! & I would like to share this amusingly inspirational video of Erin McKean via TED Talks. A lexicographer by profession, she writes, compiles and edits dictionaries. She's real funny.

Here's the original link for those interested in more TED talks.

Big Hug! More after mid May!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

One of the greats

I know its a tad bit old but its Paul Rand.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Once More

Stitched them together for a better view. Go on, clikity click it.

A view of Lake Chuzenji in segments.
I absolutely love this place.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Elebot Update

Harro everyone!! I'm back for now!!
Would you believe it, not too long ago-an hour after I got back, I received news that I am to be off on another working trip again in the coming week, meaning the end of April, first week of May. More on that in my upcoming post. =----------="" It doesn't seem like I would have enough time to settle down let alone blog much. I shall do my best to blog whilst I can!!! :D

Here's a quick update for now! :)
I just found out that Elebot is finally in Tokyo! Part of the Speakerdog Papertoy Exhibition @ Cafe Pause hosted by Jean Snow. You can view her below:

Art imitates Life or Life imitates Art? In this case, it would be I'm beginning to imitate an illustration of my own illustrations. GAHH!!! :P I went for a hair cut! I think I look rather different. I am not even used to my own NEW look. I have been keeping long hair for ages and it was time to crop it short. This is way shorter than I had ever tried before. =-----="" Here's a peek!

A quick shoutout to to my dear friend, Ju, who's about to launch his Senior Thesis Show on 28-29 April '08. Its entitled "Doll-like", an interesting showcase of fine artworks he shall portray. I am only guessing his obsession with dolls will be the main highlight wink*

It will be held in Anderson Hall, Room 819, 333 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, US of A. Big HUG dearie! I know you can do it!

p/s- more of the papertoy exhibition here.

I shall go back to enjoying the last bits of my weekend! Cheerio!

Monday, April 7, 2008


At exactly this hour on Friday (3days ago) I got superbly stuck with a layout concerning triangles. I had already spent the past 3 hours trying everything I knew to make it work, hoping I was going to get it right within the next second.....nah.. wasn't going to happen. The project I'm working on now has plenty of rules & design restrictions. Unsurprisingly, none were helping me at all. The more I fiddled with the triangles, the more frustrated I got.

I took a deep breath and started looking at triangles differently. I considered searching up thesis' of triangles to making & viewing a 3d triangle from a different vantage point. Then it struck me: Triangles> TryAngles (wordplay!).

Taking the polygon's advice, I scrapped the whole layout & restarted designing the layout from scratch. It was the best advice I had gotten all week! I solved the problem within that very hour! :D The design above is a tribute to trying
different angles!

Plus here's a brief look at the kind of hours I'm putting in at work.
It seems to be getting more & more crazy doesn't it? =-----=""
Note: The triangles situation occurred on the 4th,
where I worked 24 hours around the clock.

A friend asked "Do you enjoy what you do? With all those long hours put in?"
My reply: "Why do you think I'm still here @4am when the rest of the world is asleep?" :P I shall be going on a working trip in a couple of hours, will not be able to update till I get back, around roughly after the 3rd week of April!

So, I shall see you guys around then!
Will be posting more when my work cycle goes back to normal.

Big Hug*