Friday, March 28, 2008


Water pachinko

Designing Design

White on white

Hurrrah!!! I've finally gotten my much awaited Kenya Hara book, Designing Design!!

A little background on Kenya Hara> Japanese award winning designer who injects simplicity into everything he touches. I fell in love with his works the first time I peeked into this issue of idea-mag. The water pachinko image featured at the very top is one of my faves.

Designing is quite thick & heavy :P feels pretty much like a (design) textbook too, nevertheless I've waited a long time for one of his English translated books to come along & there's no backing down now. It really is a lovely piece, much thought has been carefully put into the book's texture, paper stock, typo & finishing .
The only thing left for me to do is abandon all else & read. (i wish!) :P

Oh & this is for anyone's who's missed it! I absolutely adore ABC3D! This soon-to-be-published book by Marion Bataille's due in October 2008.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Bigger Picture

Sometimes, its good to take a step back, to look at the bigger picture.
No doubt the minuscule detail you're looking so intently at is an artwork by itself, but you could be missing out on a whole bunch of other details if you miss viewing them from a larger perspective.

Interestingly, my tolerance & stress levels are being pushed to the test with the amount of work commitments I've taken on. I think I am now able to relate to what a headless chicken feels like when its running around! plus I feel a little less human & a little more robot-like with the 7 day work-work schedule I have now =------=""

With that, I've decided to try to take a deep breath........(counting to 10)
& focus on the main goal at hand, instead of worrying about every other little detail along the way.

It may sound like common sense now when you're calm & reading this, but trust me, when you've got a uber tight, make it spandex-tight (don't ask me where that came from :P) deadline for a project you've just been briefed for, about 10 minutes ago, let's see you not flail around madly!

I'm not saying I've mastered the art of being calm in the midst of a storm but at the very least, I'm learning to swim real fast after being thrown into the deep blue sea!

Picture Caption: Little did I know I was being photographed whilst I was focusing on the magnificent mountains of Nikko, Japan in early winter.

p/s- posts might be a little sporadic but I will persevere!
Shall update here whenever I can! :D

Hugs to all,

Note: Thank you, bunny :D I'm learning!

Friday, March 21, 2008


It's been awhile since my last picture feature, so the theme of the moment is fruits. Fruits we do not normally see found or growing around us in the city area or any other part of Malaysia.
These were shot on a trip to Cameron Highlands a couple of months back. Wasn't a fantastic trip, weather up in the Highlands is now mainly hot as the lowlands....
.........oh well, on to the fruits!

I had no idea what on earth I was staring at. Its insides were so fascinating, I just stopped and gawked. Actually, this was my first time seeing a real passionfruit upfront. The only illustrations I've seen of it, are always portraying them as being purple on the outside with yellowy seeds inside. You're looking at the unripe versions!

Fruits in the back row are huge-a55 limes & unripe oranges which look oh so sour, my stomach's churning. Fruits in the middle row are called Cameron Apples. I am not very very adventurous when it comes to fruits. Did not try them. :P Next, I'm sure you don't need me to tell you what's in the front row.

Such a perty colour!I wonder if we could still grow them here with the temperature on the rise in our highlands. (Or any other cold weather-ed fruits for that matter) These oranges with the navels (little holes) on their rear ends are better off eaten, sliced, instead of juiced.

Strawberries. Great for sleeping on or with.
Try rolling them around like the fuzzy dice they are.

Not great for sleeping on. Best for consuming within the same day they are purchased! Buying many, many small boxes of them for gifts is not such a smart move. They seem to turn mushy real fast, be it in the Highlands or down in KL. They should rephrase the one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel to one rotting strawberry screws up all the others it touches.

Another first for me, seeing of all things, blackberries! So many of the plants, sprouting up along a walkway. Pictured above in their various stages of ripening, from green to red to black. Watch out for their sharp thorns. I did not enjoy watching curious others get pricked.

More Cameron Apples here, growing wild along another walkway. Oddly enough I am unable to dig up any info on this weird looking fruit. I do not know what its real name is, the only info the local fruit sellers provided was its name, they too do not seem to know much of its origin either. If I ever come across it again, I might just be curious enough to give it a go!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy, Happy Easter!

Here's wishing everyone an early Easter greeting!
Jinjerup has new patterns just for the season!
How Eggsciting!! :D Keep a look out for chicks, eggs,
bunnies & Olly the Octopus!! plus a FREE new giftbox!

hugs, Lynn

Sunday, March 16, 2008

:D I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that Elebot is selected to be part of Speakerdog Papertoys: The Greatest Hits! Exhibition held at Cafe Pause, Tokyo from the 17th - 23rd March 2008! (This starts TOMORROW!!) More details here. I sure wish I'm in Tokyo now.

OH HAI flickr!

flickr got pwned! LOL cats style :D Cute! ROFL

Status update: Am currently rushing to meet Jinjerup's new range deadline, veggie patch + catch up on my little mountain of reading material due at work tomorrow! arhhhhh!! Longer posts when I'm a little free-er! hugs* Meanwhile, here's a look at the places I wish I could zip on over to right now.

1. Lake Chuzenji in Nikko, Japan.
Its cool mountain wind from the lake was wonderfully soothing. It almost felt as if all thoughts & worries could've been swept away. The waters, due to the strength of the wind, glint every once in awhile from being touched by the sun. I could've sat on that pier for the whole day.

2. Temple area in Nikko, Japan.
Luscious mountain greens towering above you whilst you stroll, whispers of the wind rustling amongst their leaves. Most of the temples are placed near enough for you to walk but yet far enough for you to contemplate whilst doing so. Just picturing it again calms me down. I have made a promise to try to visit this very spot again in my lifetime. (It's personal)

3. A cliff overlooking a valley in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia during sunrise.
(Note: would only like to be here during the break of dawn, other times of day would be either too hot or too cumbersome with the amount of commercialism it now has to offer) Standing there for over an hour just to catch a brief glimpse this was one of the most breathtaking moments of last year. Looking back, I am glad I got a chance to watch the valley sleepily shrugging off its misty coat to reveal the wakening of life beneath.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Skin Whitening Au Naturel

The magical step is to just attach yourself to a pc indoors for a minimum of 16 hours or more a day (6 days a week for better results) till you achieve the pale skin tone of your desire! Or you could try living under a huge rock, in a cave, never see the light of day or something along those lines :D Results may vary according to the individual, living environment or treatment period.

Disclaimer: Lynn does not endorse the 'treatment' above! Although she may have reached a delicate shade of pale due to the first method listed, it is important to note that it may also induce other ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome, very dry eyes, eye bags, pimples, back ache & the list goes on.

:P Not too long ago, I was watching a little bit of the telly, not really paying much attention to anything else than my soup when Ivan made a random comment-comparison between the increase of skin whitening product advertisements on the air & my increasingly pale complexion. Then it dawned on me! (Note: Even though most of Asian descent already have a fairly fair complexion, there are some who do not mind paying to have their skin,
whiter still!)

My en-LIGHTEN-ment (pun intended) : ZOMG! I have never thought I'd be this pasty! Reflecting back, I've been getting quite a number of "You look rather pale today"-s but have been too busy to piece it all together, thinking that I was either looking real tired from stress and/or late nights or blaming it on the the harsh lighting environment.

I guess when it's come to this, I better start getting a little more sunshine in my life or be prepared to blend in with the walls around me :D

- Lynn

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Here's a "Thank-YouVery-Much" to
PabloPabla on his kind words in!

His very interesting site is full of is full of tips
& tricks on how to enjoy blogging to its fullest.

Hi everyone, my apologies for the lack of posts
this past week. Have given it some thought &
shall be introducing a NEW mini section
called HodgePodge!
Its great for updates on the go :)
Not as long as a normal blogpost but still filled with
juicy bits. As its name suggests, HodgePodge
is a medley of
features from brief snippets of life
(status-at least you'll know
I'm still here!!),
any news to the varied interesting links I come across.

So stay tuned for more!

XOXO, Lynn

Elebot on Speakerdog

An update: some snapshots of Elebot on Speakerdog's site. ^- ^

Monday, March 3, 2008

Hello Elebot!

Ta-dah!! Say Hello to Elebot! She's the mini project I've been working on this past week! She's oh so cute! I am very glad I 've gotten the chance to work with Speakerdog on their 5th Speakerdog Paper Toy series! I had so much fun designing it, it was hard to stop!

Here's a little background on Elebot, she's a mechanical elephant operated & run by mice. I decided on playing with the old elephant-mice stories of how gargantuan elephants are terrified of teeny tiny mice. The mice spend their lives, pleasing their Mouse King by making sure Elebot runs smoothly. She's sort of like a caravan or huge bus, bringing them wherever they please.

Elebot has all sorts of compartments inside ranging from the engine room, the control room right up to the supplies & storage dept! Each mouse can be seen running around inside, working on their individual duties making sure she is working up to speed!
It was tremendous fun working on the miniature canvas of Elebot's interior! I just kept adding more & more rooms to her till it all filled up!

Have attached several photos of Elebot (its exterior & interior) I hope you'll have fun checking them out as much as I had such fun designing them! If you like her, she's here for your papertoy making pleasure, DOWNLOAD Elebot here!

Speakerdog not only designs their Speakerdog paper toys, they also have a wide array of graphic designers, graffiti artists & illustrators from around the world
to help them!

Check out Speakerdog for more on their newly launched 5th Paper Toy
series & much, much more!

Much love,

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jinjerup is featured on Tigerprint!

Whilst I was away for the past few days for some work related business,
I fell ill. (Horrible sore throat & a stuffed nose.......grrr)
I was feeling so very tired & drowsy.
Then I sifted through my emails.

My heart leaped & cartwheeled!
Jinjerup & The Veggie Patch got featured
in Tigerprint's blog! grin*
Am extremely ecstatic!!
I would cartwheel myself around the room
I wasnt so achy! This is fantastic news!!
Tis lovely to read their feedback!

"Jinjerup has some great illustrations on her sites and here at the studio we adore the vegepatch blogspot for the quirky and innovative illustrations. Be sure to check out Jinjerup's website,
brikbrac & thevegepatch."

For the curious, Tigerprint UK is the sole supplier to the Marks & Spencer Card Shop. They've been supplying exclusive cards & wrappings to Marks & Spencer since 1996 & most recently, they've taken on the full responsibility from design through to allocation & displays in store.

Thank you so very much Tigerprint & Victoria!