Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Busy bee

Herro, just a quick note.

The period of now to the coming month shall be an extremely busy one.
=-------="" Plenty of work is already flooding in. Posts shall be a bit more sporadic & shorter. & to top that all off, I am getting sore throaty & runninnggg nosey...ugh... now of all times... (darn murphy & his law!)

Jinjerup & my NEW project shall be continuing at a bit of a slower pace. (
but ......chuckle* The show must go on, so check back for more!!

Oh and Happy Halloween!!


Monday, October 29, 2007

Plead the fleeting moment to remain

I love the title phrase, can't remember where its from though.
A book, perhaps?
A poem?
A movie?
Oh, well. It matches the pictures I'm sharing today :)

I happened on these last week. Enlightening gems, they are, taken either very early this year or nov-dec last year.

The sky is one thing I can't do without. (in the metaphorical sense ) Its lovely just sitting and observing its many pretty colors and moods. Thereapuetic even.

I find it amazing that no matter where you are in the world,
we're all still under the same sky.

I have spent a considerable amount of free time watching it since a child. Shall share more of my old sky pics (when I can find them) and new ones of course, once I've taken them.

p/s- I've recently taken up gardening! This is something I've never thought I'd be one to do! More about it in the near future!

Until then, hugs all around!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fine feathered friends

It's now kind of funny that I aspired to be an ornithologist (study of winged creatures>birds) when I was younger. Oh well. There are still birds of all kinds to observe. grin*
Some samples attached below.

(A trip to the KL Bird Park earlier in the year produced these.) Come now, what on earth were you thinking? (no pun intended)

Scarlet Ibis : It's looking for something, isn't it? (Yes, this is a red bird. Its plumage color comes from its food source)

Sitting Stork: on its reverse bend-able knees

The feather tips of his crown remind me of an emperor's.

Peahen and her progeny: Not being very tall, the poor little thing was scrambling all over rocks, grass and roots to follow mum.

I have forgotten what this perty bird is called. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Dove, sitting pretty. wood variety?

I am unable to identify this one. Was shooting pix of flaming-goes when I noticed this hidden amongst the trees. Its tail feathers are superbly long! Probably over a metre . As the trees weren't very tall, I had to crouch to snap a shot of it in whole. Guess my photo doesn't really do this bird justice, length-wise. (chuckle*chuckle)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jinjerup Update 21-10-07

Here's a sneak preview of Jinjerup's latest range. Am exploring more character driven designs, keeping it fun.

Introducing daruma dolls, teruterubozu, adamant peaches, dancing atoms (my fave!) and treachery amongst fruit.

Click on Jinjerup's link on the right to view more of the NEW designs! Have also added new free wallpapers and gift box templates too!

Hi there!

Bear with me as my first blog is getting all prepped up! Shall be back as soon as i can!
In the mean time, check out
XOXO, Lynn