Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Here's a quick glimpse at Yokohama, about 45 mins or less from Tokyo.
(depending on your mode of transporation) Imho, its more of an entertainment-shopping-corporate-y & officey place which has all
the delights, a major city like it has to offer.
:p I still prefer the rural & suburb areas of Japan

The Cosmo Clock,
Yokohama & the world's largest clock.
It was the world's largest ferris wheel when it was built in 1989.
Interestingly , its seating capacity is 480 people at a go.

Carriages of
the Cosmo Clock

ferris wheel.
It sure is one slow
but great bird's
eye view of
Yokohama City.

Maybe luck
wasn't really
on his side?
He doesn't seem
too happy with
his capsule toy.

I like how the little
colorful houses

are offset by
the drab,
taller buildings

in their background.

Spotted these
cute bunmoticons
at a bakery where
we were having lunch.

You'll know a style is the pinnacle of the pattern world when it is used as the design of a manhole cover in Yokohama! Leopard prints are
still quite in!

Side profile
of a ticketing officer.

Her lovely portrait
shows how almost
absolutely straight
her back is!

Real reindeer

Well, ladies & gents, that brings Yokohama to a wrap! I can't decide which little gem in Tokyo to feature next, so tune in for more!
much love :)

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