Saturday, January 19, 2008

MOS, Utterubbish & Ueno!

My heart gets all fluttery,
my knees go weak,
I go all happy-crazy inside, whenever...

I see a MOS burger!

For those unfamiliar with MOS burger, its a Japanese fastfood brand. (MOS stands for Mountain, Sun, Ocean .... =-------=""" very weird name but oh well....)
I salivate @ the mere thought of its unagi (eel) rice burgers, prawn burgers, or even their basic beef ones... It's not as icky as it sounds, not at all! If you're a fan of Japanese fast food, you probably want to give this a shot! I reckon you'd be able to find MOS burgers outlets peppering most of Singapore city.

Thinking it'd be the same in Tokyo, we hunted for one high & low, only to be told by a local that they're mostly situated in either the outskirts of the city area or in its quieter areas! How very odd! & there we were thinking, it was a major Japanese fastfood outlet. We only found 3 MOS's, 1 in Shibuya, 1 in Shimokitazawa &
1 more in Asakusa!

(Gah! Its horrible that we can 't find any back home,
how I pine & wish they'd reopen here....)

Here's the one in Asakusa!
Another odd thing is that
they don't serve the unagi
rice burgers in Japan!
(Only in Singapore)

Colorful rolls of MOS tape!

For their christmas promo,
MOS teamed up with
Devilrobots (the guys who
did Tofu Oyako).
grin* my 2 faves rolled in1
(Pic from MOS S'pore site)

The MOStraps
are handphone straps
featuring 5 different
MOS inspired

I managed to catch
a design exhibition
in Singapore too,
<---- titled "Utterubbish"
Its a collection of
useless ideas

Drew a kitty cat
on their wall.

Can you spot kitty?
(tip: she's more to the right)

The perty work of
Heath Nash who makes lamps out of plastic waste, ie: unwanted plastic bottles, etc..

The following are
random pix of
the exhibits there!

My last pic of
this mish-mashed post.
lol...this is a cute looking ??...
I frankly don't know what on
earth it is? Maybe the Japanese
characters can help? :P
Shot it because I like the contrast-y colors
& composition.
Taken in Ueno Market, Japan.

Have a great week ahead everyone! Till the next post!


Links to MOS Singapore, Utterubbish for the curious.
Check out MOS's interesting menu!

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