Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wearing your heart on your dress

Bubelle Emotion Sensing Dress

If you're tired of coordinating the colors for your weekly wardrobe ,
how about wearing a dress which changes its colours according
to how you feel?

Stumbled upon this beautiful gem from The Design group at Royal Philips Netherlands. The Bubelle dress prototype introduced in September 2006 is part of (direct quote) "SKIN project, an exploration research into the area known as ‘emotional sensing’."

It has 2 layers, the inner one contains "biometric sensors which capture a person's emotions & projects them as colors onto the outer layer."
This might very well be the future of fashion. No one dress would ever look the same again, individuality & personalities would literally shine through!

Lovely pictures & a video of the Bubelle in action!

Links: Design Probe-Philips, Crunchwear

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Sheryl Wong said...

i love the photo of the dress in the first picture! very dreamy....