Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jinjerup is featured on NiceToMeetYou™ !! :D

My second post of the day! Surprise! Surprise!
The period of now to these past few weeks have been a really trying time for me.
Not only am I overloaded with work-work, I also have my hands full with
my personal projects & blogs, Bric.A.Brac, Jinjerup & The Veggie Patch.
So it was an utter delight to discover that Jinjerup was featured on NiceToMeetYou™'s homepage on 29.01.08!
(Magnificent styles for shapeless perfectionists.)

A 'big hello & thank you for dropping by here & Jinjerup'
to all the new visitors from NiceToMeetYou!

Thank you fourillusion & NiceToMeetYou.
You've made my week!! HUGS!! (I can't seem to stop grinning)
Things like these make me strive harder, better, faster, stronger!
(familiar? daftpunk wink*)
(I guess my increasingly darkening eye-circles are kind of worth it?
LOL..not! Shall have to find a good eyebag remover soon!) :P


p/s- Jinjerup is just about to release its new range pretty soon!


Laura Jane said...

congratulations lynn!!! how exciting for you!!! enjoy this accomplishment! i'm sure your hard work and great designs will continue to bring you more and more exciting opportunities. :) ps your japan photos are awesome. :d

BracLynn said...

Heya Laura Jane,
thank you!! Your kind words are very much appreciated! :)