Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ghibli Museum

Behold! The spoils from my trip to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka!
As we were only allowed to shoot the roof exterior & its surroundings & since it was an ultra ,wet, rainy day, most (all) of my shots have that wet, rainy glare to them. Nonetheless, it was a lovely, lovely trip after all. A most inspiring one! I can't imagine anyone not wanting to have such a studio after a trip there ^- ^"

Robot from Laputa
on roof

Spotted a Daruma
on the back of
the Ghibli Museum Bus!

Ticketing Totoro
at the entrance!

again with
foliage imprints
(foliage glare i mean) ^- ^;;

"Let's get lost together", the Museum's tagline is brilliantly ironic
(It holds lots of meaning, I tell you!) Its one I shall store & keep to heart, like the memories I have of this fantastic place.


JacJacJac said...

omg Ghibli Museum

Laura Jane said...

Hi Lynn! It's nice to meet you too! Thank you for stopping by and saying hi. :) Your blog looks wonderful, your designs are adorable and I love the travel photos!! I'm envious that you've been to the Ghibli museum. Have a great day!!

caroline : my pocket said...

Oh, how I'd love to go to Japan some time. And the Ghibli museum would definitely be on my list, I am so in love with his films... Thank you for sharing :)

BracLynn said...

It would've been fantastic if they'd allow photography inside the Museum. The exterior shots aren't much compared to the magical features inside! They sure are careful in preserving their Ghibliness :P
Here's a link where you might be able to glimpse a little more of their interiors! http://www.tautoz.com/ghiblimuseum/