Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Sitting here for many, many minutes, thinking of how to start this post makes me want to just go pluck coconuts from the imaginary swaying trees outside.

There are heaps of things I could say about Malacca (Malaysia's most historical state) (steeped in culture, tradition......) (tourist traps :P well, most of the shops set up there, are.) but I'll leave it to the other 4,260,000 websites to lay on its colorful history. (Googling up Malacca gets you 4,260,000 hits!)

We set off for Malacca to visit a couple of my fave aunts last week.
Here are a few piccies I took along the way.

This is the fountain courtyard of Cheng Hoon Teng Temple. (Malaysia's oldest Traditional Chinese Temple) My grandma used to play here when she was very young, little girl young :D

Apart from housing amazingly intricate details & figurines. (portraying traditional Chinese characters), the fountain-water feature had some wee cute tortoises living in its cooling interior (when it was still working of course!) I hope the temple authorities restore this part of the temple as well!
(Cheng Hoon Teng Temple has its own site too)

The exterior of Hang Li Po's well has some very cute walls.

A food or rather delicacy Malacca is famous for is its baked pineapple tarts.

This shop along Jonker's Walk, named Lwee had a huge one weighing 21kg, 32 inches in diameter. =-------=" Its been on display since May 2008.

The un-sleeping cat.
Caught snoozing amongst newspapers at my aunts' place.

An old man paints while a tourist sketches him
whilst a curious passerby watches on.

Shot at an art shop near or on Jonker's Street.

Old Red doors & a lazy Monday.

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