Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm back!!! :D

It's been a long time coming! But I'm back!

I've managed to meet wipe my slate clean off a couple of projects!
Finally got them out & on their way.
Thus, I've come home to the blogosphere.
I would love to share what I've been busying myself with this past month but alas, that'll have to wait a bit till the collaborative projects have been launched by their respective people in charge!
Hopefully, they'll all be revealed in good time!

I am working on some new stuff for Jinjerup so definitely stay tuned for the new collection! :D
In the mean time, i have rounded up a couple of interesting/amusing links:

1. Some Post Olympic-Michale Phelps fervour

A funny video of the Chinese public thinking a British ex-Olympian is
actually Michael Phelps.

2. Rejection is never easy

This is absolutely so cute.

3. Gnome-be-Gone!

I like their sense of humour!

Here's an excerpt of this delightful garden ornament's review:
Finally rid your garden of those pesky ceramic garden gnomes with our Mini GnomeBearers! That's right, now your garden can be free of those kitsch little Euro garden invaders. Who do they think they are, wearing tiny red dunce caps and pushing inefficient wooden wheelbarrows?

Check out more products from them!
plus the Mooning Gnome is a definite scream!

4. Nine salts that will spice up your life!

Fascinating article on salts. There is more than meets the (taste)buds!
The Hawaiian Sea Salt (Alaea) (its the one pictured on the far right of the piccy above, the red salt!) & Smoked Salt seem to be calling me. If only I could my hands on some.

(Grr...I can't even find a SINGLE pack of orzo here in Malaysia, I very much doubt I can try any new salts anytime soon...) Sighs...anyone up for sending me some aforementioned salts or orzo?

5. Skittles: No handful is ever the same!

To top it all off, here's an offbeat Skittles ad from Toronto!



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