Tuesday, September 16, 2008

4 + 1 =subrant

Nothing drains me more than having to wait for others to finish off work before i can mosey on home. 4 hours can be such a long time.

FOUR valuable hours of knowing you can polish off more of your own work at home can be an absolute torture.

UGH. its a wonder I did not go running around the office in a tizzy screaming bloody murder. The closest I got to that, was pace madly from the toilet to the stuffy little room with the only windows in the whole office, on the other end.


Tick tock tick tock tick tock went the clock till the work got completed. BEST THING that happened all night! (For a moment there, I'd thought it was going to be another all-nighter...) !@#$@#$ SPRINT! I'm out the door!!!!! woooooott!!111!!!

grin* My legs can't seem to take me to where my car is parked fast enough, so I half skip all the way till I look up & discover the carpark building pitch black. Its a building which houses 8-10 floors for parking vehicles and all the #@$@#$# 8-10 storeys of floors were just as black as tar, not a single light in sight! & my car's parked right on the 4th floor.

Oh, I failed to mention earlier that my office area can become quite dodgy at night. Let's see, we have fly-by-night night club patrons patronising the fly-by-night night club, temporary construction workers plus leery guards pa(s)trolling around at the stroke of 10pm.

RAAAHHHHHH..... How much more 5H1T can land in my lap?

I make a straight beeline to the carpark stairwell & proceed cautiously up the first half flight. Its as good as wandering around a cave with glow worms for a light source. (The glow worm reference was for the ever-dimming useless exit lights, strung someth whereth.)

Second half flight had me whipping out my pepper spray & doing some over stretched big walk thing up the stair. Its getting darker. I am so getting paranoid. So many landings & nooks for crooks to wait & pounce on. I RUN!

You would have to be in some insane frenzy to have scrambled up the 8 black flights-o-stairs as fast as I did! I not only leapt into the car, I positively flew into it! Adrenaline pumping, heart thumping like it was ready to run on home without me, I drove like a crazy person all the way down.

Now, I know what it feels like being in a horrible B-grade horror movie: dark carpark building possibly filled with either a) hungry monster beings waiting to nom nom nom you or b) hungry perps waiting to nom nom nom you.

Oh wells. I'm home. Sub-rant over. Going to sleep off the rest of my stair-well fatigue. See what happens when you spend your entire life infront of computers. I am very much unfit. Maybe I'll need to start doing something about it. But that's for another time. Ta!

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