Wednesday, June 4, 2008

On the mend

This stirs the mecha love in me :D

Calmingly beautiful....the humongous Air Jelly is the brain child of Festo, a Danish company specializing in industrial and process automation.
Its their best project so far!

On another note, am sorry for the lack of posts, have been & am still recuperating from stress & being overworked. (It kinda left me looking like Spongebob above) I had no idea I could be this exhausted mentally :D am feeling better now so I'll be back soon! Hopefully in time for next week's Illustration Friday's theme,
it really was fun!!

Photo captions:
:p this has got to be the ugliest & funniest Spongebob we've ever come across!! Can anyone beat that? We had such a good time laughing, we nearly got shoo-ed out of the shop.
The kitty cat was impossibly hard to shoot! Sounds like I'm exaggerating, you say? grin* Try crouching & shooting a fidgety kitten running around every 2 seconds. Both were shot in Cameron Highlands. (Of all places :P)

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