Sunday, June 22, 2008

Illustration Friday: Hoarding

This topic for this week's IF is hoarding & I thought it would be perfect to illustrate my little secret (well, not so secret anymore) obsession-passion for daruma or dharma dolls.
I itch to buy mostly any I come across!

Darumas represent the ever growing list of harder goals I wish to accomplish during my stay on Planet Earth! It also seems like I've been hoarding this list for quite some time.

Oddly, I find them absolutely adorable! Round roly poly dolls that hardly get knocked down. A little note on darumas for the unacquainted: they are little Japanese dolls used for wishing. Fill in one eye (usually the left) whilst thinking of your wish. You are then, only supposed to fill in the other eye once the wish has come true!

Wiki has it that the daruma has become symbolic for optimism, persistence, and strong determination! (This is probably due to their "low centers of gravity, some types of daruma doll return to the upright position after being tilted to one side".)

I have quite "a few" under my wing however since Daruma dolls are only supposed to be used one at a time, I have to wait till I can colour in all their other right eyes! :D

NOTE: For illustration purposes, I coloured all their left eyes in so that they wouldn't seem so "blind", I would not do so to my precious darumas in real life! chuckle* They should be used wisely, in the correct manner of course!

Interested in getting a daruma but don't really have the space for one? Here's links for anyone interested in Daruma Wallpaper! No physical space needed! Let him inspire you everytime you switch on your PC!

Click here to download the one eye-d Daruma (make your wish whilst downloading your selected wallpaper size) & for a Daruma with both eyes coloured in! (once your wish has been achieved)
[Note: Scroll to the centre of the wallpaper list, daruma wallpapers are there!]


sandra said...

These are very cute. I must admit I have never seen them before but what a great idea behind them. Have any of your wishes come true?

Stockton said...

I love it! Very nice & personal take on the theme ^_^.

MayY . C 五月媽媽 said...

Daruma dolls is always being use as a good luck charms, is't?
BTW, I remembered this is one of my toy in my childhood time, the wiggle and never fall....
Nice work !

grasswire said...

love your little doll hoard, they are simply adorable... plus this was a true "discovery" for me since I did not know about daruma's before.

Hope you get to colour lots of right eyes soon .)

rbaird said...

What a fun blog!!!

Bella Sinclair said...

HOORAY! Daruma dolls! What an absolutely glorious collection. So many wishes, so much determination. And yea for the little girl who gets to fill in the other eye!

lauren said...

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cookie said...

fabulous! I hope that you are able to color in ALL of the eyes!


*daisy said...

i love daruma dolls! Great illustration- love the repetition of shapes and the bright colors. nice!

GMH said...


I have one on my bedside table and I couldn't survive without him...

I love this, and the little painter in the corner is so precious!

BracLynn said...

Sandra> :) Yes, those that have came with a lot of hard work!!

Stockton> Why, Thank you! ^-^;; Your elephant print is gorgeous!

May> Heya May! Hm..Darumas are more for wishing, they're not really good luck charms, but I guess you could wish for good luck :D hehe, thanks!

Grasswire> haha!! that was cute! Thank you, may you get your wishes too.

rbaird> Thanks Roberta! I can see you're keepin busy with your illos!

Bella> grin* Bella, thank you for the lovely comment! I hope you'll get plenty more washi!!

Lauren> Thank you Lauren, you'll definitely be hearing from me soon!

Cookie> chuckle* Cookie, I hope so too... It'll probably take another half century or so but its all good! :P

Daisy> Thank you for the sweet comments Daisy! ^- ^a

gmh> I hope you've been able to or shall be coloring in his eye real soon! :D

Eric Barclay said...

Beautiful work! I love your parade of elephants as well-- outstanding.