Thursday, June 19, 2008

I heart these in my buckit :P

Here's a list of my current faves :

1. Reverse Graffiti
What a brilliant idea! :P leaves a more legitimate & meaningful mark on the rest of the world. Powered with an exceptionally strong cleaning fluid & loads of H2O, stencil-blast your imagination onto any wall coated with layers upon layers of stubborn dirt!

Here are some perty examples from the Reverse Graffiti Project:

Above's a video of them artists in action.
For more on this particular project called The Reverse Graffiti Project, click here. To learn more about the artist (Paul Curtis, "Moose") click here.

2. Seven Deadly Glasses
Kacper Hamilton did a fantastic job with his collection of custom-made glasses embodying the 7 deadly sins. Lust & Gluttony are featured below :P

For those who can't remember the rest of the 5 sins, have listed them out for you
in order: greed, sloth, wrath, envy & pride.
To view the other 5 glasses, click here!

3. An old advert

A old ad for Mc D's in Japan, promoting their strawberry shake.
[ Thanks ju! ]

4. Peace Corps Challenge
I stumbled across this beautifully illustrated site whilst searching for ..... peace.... =------=" I know....... but its such an excellent find! A wonderfully educational site for kids & adults alike on problem solving & negotiation. It is a very simple rpg-game (role playing game) & a tad bit lengthy but once you're immersed in it, you'd wish there were more villages to visit.

I've learnt how to trade mangoes for secrets plus I now know sometimes goats lick water pumps which may be the only source of fresh water for the entire village. Pesky goats..... Oh & here's a tip, forget about talking to Pepito in the 'Ridding Monkeys of Wanzuzu' Level! wink* Start here!

Well, I hope you guys enjoy the stuff above as much as I enjoy sharing them! :D More to come!
- Lynn

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