Sunday, December 16, 2007

YAY!!! ^ -^;; Congratulations!!!

I can't stop grinning!
I can't stop chuckling!
I can't stop feeling so happy & proud of u!!
Hugs & Kisses! (aww.. I know how shy you are ^- ^;; )
Congratulations again!!!

The Star, a Malaysian mainstream newspaper has featured Ivan of Mangada!
Here's an excerpt & a screenshot of it!

Ivan Song, 33, won first prize for his manga, Falling Flat Out into Space, in the IMAF category, “One-page Theme Comic” (the theme was “flight”).

Indeed, Song got off to a flying start with that short manga, which took him some four days to complete. It also caught the attention of Ilya. “I had a look at BNM1 and didn’t even imagine that I would be in the next volume!” said the freelance website designer. For BNM2, he drew a six-page black-and-white manga named Beat Me – his first published work and a “comedy/action story about doppelgangers,” according to the author. “It feels fantastic to see your work on paper, which looks different from when it’s on the web. There’s some value to it, and there are people around the world reading it,” Song smiled.

Reference: Excerpt of Article & Picture from TheStar Newspaper 16-12-07

Pages from Ivan's latest comic strip Leeroy!
(Click on the comics to enlarge the pages)

Stay tuned to find out what happens next! ^-^!!

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