Friday, December 14, 2007

Shinjuku Night Lights

Shinjuku. City. Nightlife. People. Entertainment. Shopping. Red Lights.

First up, this is one of my favouritestest shots of the whole lot. We were on the way on the way to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to observe the cityscape when i caught sight of this lone person sitting & reading by subway station light.

Passersby curious as to what i was shooting got included into my shot of this magazine vendor looking cozy in his little nook.

Burst of autumnal colours. Trees lit by lamplight.

Scooter-bike-car thingamajig.
Cute to watch them locals zipping around in these.

Spoilt for choice of the male kind. Male Escorts

Lovely ubiquitous vending machines. I got so used to seeing them around, I missed my instant espresso, perfect strawberry milk & hot cocoa the moment i set foot out of Japan.

Taking a stand.

Can anyone translate what these ladies are campaiginig for?

More night scenes of the bright, bright lights of Shinjuku.
The people and their city
don't seem to sleep.

Up next, lovely Kamakura with its many, many shrines & temples!!
Not to be missed!

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BracLynn said...

Here's an excerpt of what Selcuk has commented on the second last photo of this post in a PM>
"...those people in yellow represents a union of sodomy or male homosexuality. the vertical line is translated as "bearded girl". i am not sure that they are women :) you can see another version (a nice one) of that writing in the following page: ..."

Thank you Selcuk!