Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I think i left my heart in Kamakura.
It is absolutely so quaint & cute, loved it to bits!

Some earlier visitors have advised that I should have gone to Kyoto to experience the same minus the temple admission fees but due to time constraints, I was unable to. (Kyoto will definitely be on my list in the future!) Kamakura is one of the 2 places I truly enjoyed visiting during my brief stint in Tokyo due to its scenic nature.
Back to the post at hand!

(Apologies for the harsh grey-white sky, it was rainy-cloudy 85% of the time we were in Tokyo. We had to make do with what we got!)

A train arrives at
the Kamakura train station.

PASMO robot is cute.
This is the first time
i see him bowing.

(PASMO is a rechargeable contactless smart card ticketing system for public transport introduced in Tokyo & their robot is their logo)

We had to take a little train through narrow pathways behind & around houses.

A ritual of purification for those who pray at the shrines. First the cup is dipped into the water & then used to cleanse hands & mouth.

My fave Daruma picture!
He was sitting on this window sill of this shrine's ticketing window, just waiting for a shot! ^- ^;;

Fur for the winter.
The kitties get all decked out
in their thick,lovely coats.

A statue of a monk amidst
the fauna of his shrine.

I can't help it,
even their manhole covers
are so design-y.

Fresh rice crackers
being grilled daily to be
sold in the shop behind.

Cute little piggy statuettes
line up infront of a store.

There were these hundreds & hundreds of little statues lined up on ledges,
on the ground.

The great Daibutsu
of Kamakura.

Day & night, locals & gaijin come to p(r)ay a visit to Kamakura's many lovely shrines & temples.

Plenty more pics to come.
Turns out our trip this time around was more of a photo trip.
Eating, sleeping, toilet business & let alone shopping were just essential tasks to be done along the way to our next photo destination!


Dmeister said...

Did you went inside of the daibutsu?

BracLynn said...

Yups, haha!
dmeister, have you?
I don't wanna ruin it for others who havn't been inside!! So, if u're curious, i shall personally mail you what we saw inside! ^-^a