Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Oh me, oh my!
I've just discovered something a little interesting today by doing this little test called the Munsell Hue test! Its a color proficiency test which is pretty darn accurate!

The first things you'll see are these 4 strips of colorful boxes. All you'll have to do is arrange the boxes horizontally according to the gradients of the colors at both ends of the strip. Arrange all boxes of all 4 strips and you're good to go! Then you'll learn how well you determine colors! The lower the score, the better you are. wink*

The four strips of colored gradient boxes.

grin* now i fully understand why there were times when I got (imho, the odd) querying feedback stating "Why do you so use so many shades of red or why do you use that many tones of blue?"

After getting those comments, I would reduce much of the color gradations in my work to simplify matters but I still never fully got it. Till now. I couldn't help that these varying shades of sky blue or hibiscus red looked vastly different to me!! lols* Will keep the test results firmly in mind from now on. :P (Note: I took the test 3 times with intervals of an hour in between. 1st result: 7, 2nd: 4 & 3rd: 0)

What's your score?
Take the Munsell test today to find out!

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