Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jinjerup New Freebie: Chick Chic Bookmark

I'm an avid reader of books & I don't usually stick to reading just one at a time.
I am guilty of dog ear-ing all my paperbacks :p as I am either constantly losing my bookmarks or am just too plain lazy to stick one in between the pages before I fall asleep. (for all who've loaned me your books> no, I don't [or try extremely hard]
not to do so wink*)

To avoid anymore unnecessary e(a)rring on my part, I was just thinking of how I should come up with a cute little bookmark which does not just lie in between pages but gently grips itself to pages for a better hold.

& what better design to use than my latest Easter
pattern called
Chick Chic. Thus, I present to you,
the freebie of the week:
Chick Chic Bookmark

I designed them in many different colors to suit your moods or your book covers!
Great as mini gifts for family and friends! (fellow dog ear markers too!)^- ^;;

Hop on over to Jinjerup for templates & an easy to follow pictorial tutorial now!


Huyang said...

that;s super nice~!!! i <3~~`

BracLynn said...

Thank you Evelyn! :D