Sunday, March 8, 2009

Easter eggain!

I've been really a good girl this year! Its an early Easter Surprise! :P
I know, i know, its 1 month and 4 days early! chuckle* early for once!
(it is hard juggling a few projects at once on top of a full time job but I will speed things up pretty soon!) wink*

Pastels are big on Jinjerup's Easter palette this year! Soft pinks, easy blues and pretty orange hues accompany petite bunnies & their delicate gifts of eggs.

To the Jinjerup collection, we are adding 4 new lovely patterns with 2 new wallpapers and a special Easter giftbox just for you!

Much Love,

p/s: i'm trying my bestest best to hurry! I've been working on a launch of something new! & I am waiting to eagerly share it with you guys! Please do stay tuned!


LunarFaith said...

dear chanlynn,

just dropped in to write to you that we are more than impatient to get to watch your new projects ahead.

And for me, dont ask - i m more than insane right now to discover that there are tenshis who hover around to share such invaluable tips to make a gift and a box to make ppl happy this much

ありがとうチャンリンさん *Bows *

BracLynn said...

grin* thank u for such encouraging words, lunar faith. what a brilliant start of the week for me! rolls up sleeves even more* :D

Huyang said...

can't wait!

BracLynn said...

me2 :P

blauereiter said...

Such lovely design and colors ! :]