Sunday, April 27, 2008

Work work work work work

Come Monday, I shall be off on another working trip.
I absolutely cannot wait for my life to settle back into its normal routine once I get back from this one. I'm not saying travelling or travelling for work isn't fun.

It is or it can be.
Once in awhile.
Imagine having to do so, every few weeks.

I'm sure there are people who enjoy this pace of work-life,
however IMHO, it can be quite unsettling.
I shall leave it at that before I become too ranty.

I've recently decided to add Twitter to my list of apps, have placed it on the right column of me blog. Am not sure if its a keeper,
so I'm giving it a go ^- ^;

Oh! & I would like to share this amusingly inspirational video of Erin McKean via TED Talks. A lexicographer by profession, she writes, compiles and edits dictionaries. She's real funny.

Here's the original link for those interested in more TED talks.

Big Hug! More after mid May!

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