Monday, November 19, 2007

TA-DAH!! I'm here!! Back Again!

It's oh so good to be back!!
If there is such a thing as an internet god, thank u thank u thank u!! On top of being swamped with 100 tons of work, my net connection had been down for over a week. Throughout that horrible period, I discovered how much I am connected to the net & my computers.

I had no inkling I was that dependent on them. No, I am not a nerd (neither am I a reclusive with a cave) & I am not obsessed . (btw, how would anyone define a nerd nowadays anyways? with everyone else using laptops or wireless connections too?) It was during my net-less free moments, I pondered how much time I spend on either a comp or the net?

The staggering answer is listed below.....

I practically spend over 85% of the day infront of a screen. Doesnt help that my work requires me to be infront of one all the time! It IS part of the job! I'm not really going to break my computer usage down into percentages & charts and graphs with cute little icons. (mmm.hmmm... that's an idea right there!.... nah...)

From the moment I wake to the moment just before I close my eyes, I am right smack infront of one. Maybe I should consider being fused to a high-end microprocesser with a ultra-fantastic speedy net connection?! MMM.MMMmmmm...

On to JINJERUP! Featured, is a medley of NEW Jinj patterns!
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Thank you, bunny!

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