Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fine feathered friends

It's now kind of funny that I aspired to be an ornithologist (study of winged creatures>birds) when I was younger. Oh well. There are still birds of all kinds to observe. grin*
Some samples attached below.

(A trip to the KL Bird Park earlier in the year produced these.) Come now, what on earth were you thinking? (no pun intended)

Scarlet Ibis : It's looking for something, isn't it? (Yes, this is a red bird. Its plumage color comes from its food source)

Sitting Stork: on its reverse bend-able knees

The feather tips of his crown remind me of an emperor's.

Peahen and her progeny: Not being very tall, the poor little thing was scrambling all over rocks, grass and roots to follow mum.

I have forgotten what this perty bird is called. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Dove, sitting pretty. wood variety?

I am unable to identify this one. Was shooting pix of flaming-goes when I noticed this hidden amongst the trees. Its tail feathers are superbly long! Probably over a metre . As the trees weren't very tall, I had to crouch to snap a shot of it in whole. Guess my photo doesn't really do this bird justice, length-wise. (chuckle*chuckle)


Sequana said...

My friend the birder and HIS friend have taken a stab at the IDs

here's what they say:

The stork is a Yellow-billed Stork.
5th picture is a Victoria's Crowned Pigeon
6th is Emerald Dove
last is Great Argus Pheasant

BracLynn said...

Oooh! Heya Sequana, thanks a bunch!
Really wanted to know what the last one was called! You've made my day! :)